Let us plan your own cycling adventure. For you and your friends. A chance to challenge yourself and get away from it all. A chance to see some of the best that Italy has to offer.

We offer two types of tour:

The Big One! A fully guided and supported group ride from Como to Lake Garda riding alongside six of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. Join as an individual or small group. Tickets on sale now. Departs September 25 2015.

A choice of ready-made tours (self-guided or guided) in the beautiful Italian Lake District – fly to Milan, cycle across Lake Maggiore, Como and Garda, sampling the best Italian food and drink, and visiting delightful towns like Bellagio, Bergamo, Stresa and Verona. These rides are suitable for individuals and small groups. You choose when to go, who to go with, and how much cycling!

Who we are

The MidLifeCyclist was born in the summer of 2013. The year that a Briton won the Tour De France for a second year in a row. We don’t look much like Bradley Wiggins (though Greg has a Fred Perry polo shirt) or Chris Froome, but that hasn’t stopped us from cycling some of the best rides in Europe, as they did, right here on our doorstep. You can do it too!


As the younger brother in my family I mostly got the hand-me-downs. So I inherited my brother’s bike – I don’t remember what it was, but I do remember what it wasn’t. It wasn’t a Chopper. But I’m over it now!

I pedalled my way through my teenage years but, like many others, stopped riding as soon as I could get served in pubs. And also like many others I returned to cycling in my mid-thirties, testing my enthusiasm and fitness with a charity ride. It worked, I still liked it.

More charity challenges followed, and as my confidence grew, I started to plan and lead trips, both large parties and small – always enjoying the social and the cultural pleasures, along with the discovery of the cycling.

To date, I’ve cycled in countries all across Europe as well as the UK, but perhaps my favourite tour destination remains the Italian Lakes – a beautiful way to see a beautiful place!

Contact Greg: greg@themidlifecyclist.com


I was given my first bike when I was five – it was blue with fat white tyres. Customised with a fairing made of painted cornflakes boxes, it was a police bike, and won me a packet of Jelly Tots at the school fair. It was all the encouragement I needed.

My bike dominated my teenage years; the paper round, the six mile daily commute to school, regularly getting lost in the Surrey Hills when we had the chance. Hanging out at the girls school. My red Falcon was always there.

I left cycling behind to concentrate on wasting my twenties, but I returned to it in my thirties.

A toe in the water charity ride followed – the classic London to Paris – and though we ended up with cold showers and sleeping on the floor of a mostly derelict chateau one night, I loved nearly every minute. Cycling was back for me. A chance meeting with another participant, and I took the full plunge, organising with her and leading myself, a small group of mid-life cyclists on a three week fund-raising pedal from Lands End to John O’Groats.

For the next eight years I helped organise and led group rides of up to sixty people, on routes I designed myself, for a charity that supports children who grow up in care. To date, it has raised nearly half a million pounds.

Now I’m just a Mid Life Cyclist – slightly overweight, a little slow but very happy.

Contact Bob: bob@themidlifecyclist.com

Why book with us


We have over 10 years experience planning and delivering cycle tours for both large and small groups and have worked extensively across Europe including in the UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.


We have carefully selected the routes to give you some of the best cycling that Italy has to offer. We fully research each mile of each route, including the hotels we select and the bars and restaurants we recommend.


All payments from our customers are held in an account controlled by an independent organisation called the Travel Trust Association. Payments are only released to MidLifeCyclist when customers have returned from their cycling tour. This is standard practice for tour operators in Europe and fully meets the requirements of EU travel regulations.


You don’t have to hire a bike. You can take your own bike. We can advise you on how to properly pack your bike for air travel and will look after your bike bags during your tour returning them to you at the end. If you would prefer to hire a bike our rental partner offers an extensive range of top end brands. We take your measurements at the time of booking to ensure the bike is the best fit for you. It is also possible to hire accessories like helmets, panniers, lights and more.


Unlike some tour operators, we don’t skimp on hotel accommodation. Our standard tours are based on 3 and 4 star hotels – ideally suited to the needs of a mid life cyclist! We have carefully selected our hotels, not just for their location on our routes but also for their level of comfort.


For self-guided rides we fully brief you on the route you have chosen. We also provide hard copy, customised maps showing route details. In addition, we offer emergency telephone support. For guided rides you are accompanied by an English speaking ride leader with local knowledge.


It is not just about the cycling! We include a full briefing on points of local interest across your route including cultural highlights and selected bars and restaurants that only the locals know about.

Meet the team


Ex millionaire playboy and (all round) top bloke, Greg is the brains of the bike tour.  The Big Cheese, Grand Fromage or Grande Formaggio, depending where we’re cycling, Greg always gets our ducks in a row and knows how to keep them there.


Known for spending a Bob or two on both road and mountain bikes, he is the mastermind behind our routes.  He is also a dab hand in the kitchen, having trained as a chef in a former life.  You know you have arrived at Bob’s house as the walls are covered with maps and you can smell the freshly baked bread.  Loves riding and leading rides.  Also pretty keen on Bruce Springsteen.


Former City whizz kid and our advisor on all things financial, Karen is rumoured to have the only mind in the UK capable of fully understanding rail ticket pricing.  Our very own Welsh terrier, Karen has been known to occasionally cycle into town, as long as the weather is nice and it’s not too windy.


Jane is the one who makes sure our stomachs are full every day on our large group tours. Able to walk faster than some people can run, she loves nothing better than driving trucks – the larger the better. Will only dance to 70s and 80s disco.


Nurse, mother of three and resident of Western-super-Mare.  Globetrotter and fashion designer in a former life.  Keeps and loves chickens and eggs.  Less keen on foxes!  Will dress any wound for a glass of Sauvignon.


Volleyball loving Neapolitan who any summer Sunday can be found on the beach volleyball courts on Brighton seafront, covered in sun tan lotion and sand.  Knows all things food and makes the best tiramisu you have ever tasted.  Any rumoured links to the mafia are hugely exaggerated.


Cake-baker extraordinaire with a love of running.  Can often be spotted bounding across the lush green fields of the Sussex Weald picking blackberries for crumble.  Formerly, devotee of Britpoppers James, but you will forgive her that when you’ve tasted her flapjack – will keep you pedalling all day!


Knows all things bike - some say he was born with a spanner in his hand. This is a man/monkey who can tell his top tube from his bottom bracket. Party trick for the brightonbikemonkey.co.uk is winding on handlebar tape, blindfolded, standing on one leg while whistling 'Danny Boy'.  Will tighten your nuts anywhere anytime for a banana.


Brother of Toby (so he says) and the technical mastermind behind this wonderful website. See what else he does at www.triggersolutions.co.uk.  Despite his young age, Troy is already well on his way to his Mid Life Crisis - to alleviate stress he either runs, cycles, swims or lifts weights every day. Although it doesn't seem to hold back the grey hairs.


Brother of Troy and designer of the MidLife Cyclist dude (as we like to call him).  The creative talent at triggersolutions.co.uk.   A keen cyclist, you can often spot him ascending the near vertical hills of Eastern Brighton – the dreaded Southover Street being his favourite (because of the 14 pubs en route….).

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